Board of review

Arcada’s board of review handles matters regarding the review of admission decisions, decisions regarding the loss of the right to study and evaluations of completed courses and accreditation of previous studies or competencies.

The board of review is appointed by the university Board.

Members of the board of review 2018–2019:

Senior Lecturer  Maria Bäck 
(deputy: Senior Lecturer Robert Nordström)

Principal Lecturer Niklas Eriksson
(deputy: Senior Lecturer Linda Puukko) 

Senior Lecturer Ingmar Sigfrids
(deputy: Senior Lecturer Denise Haldin)

Senior Lecturer Jari Savolainen
(deputy: Senior Lecturer Pernilla Stenbäck)

Senior Lecturer Rene Herrmann 
(deputy: Senior Lecturer Kim Rancken)

Student Niklas Forsman
(deputy: Student Jacob Dahlberg)

The university’s General Counsel Anna Härmä presents matters for consideration to board meetings.

The consultation committee

Arcada's consultation committee acts as a cooperation body between employer and employees. The consultation committee's task is to contribute to the development of operational activities and working conditions within Arcada.

The employer is represented by Arcada's rector and/or vice rector as well as the administrative and HR Director, who acts as the chairperson for the consultation committee. The heads of department also have the right to attend.

The employees are represented by representatives from Arcada’s two staff groups, the teaching and administrative staff. The teaching staff is represented by union representatives and/or a co-operation ombudsman. The occupational safety representative also has the right to attend.

Members of the consultation committee

Chairperson: Administrative and HR Director Susanne Homén-Lindberg

Delegates of the employer:
Administrative and HR Director Susanne Homén-Lindberg
Camilla Wikström-Grotell, Vice Rector, Head of Department

Delegates of the employees:
Kim Rancken, Managing trustee
Leif Nordberg, Trustee
Christel Roberts, Trustee
Stig Blomqvist, cooperation trustee

Secretary: Leading Legal Counsel Anna Härmä

Attendence rights:
Head of Department Mikael Paronen, delegate of the Heads of Department
Safety Council: Jan Nyberg
HR-expert Maria Höglund

The occupational safety commission

The occupational safety commission deals with questions concerning occupational safety and equality issues.

Members of the occupational safety commission 2018–2019:

Chairperson: Administrative and HR Director Susanne Homén-Lindberg

Work Safety Counsil Maria Bäck
Vice Work Safety Counsil Erica Åkermarck
Equality representative Christa Tigerstedt
Equality representative Mirko Ahonen
HR-expert Maria Höglund
Head of Security David Sjöberg
Work Safety Specialist Maria Forss

Representatives of the occupational health service participates if needed

Arcada's plan for equality and equal treatment

The activities at Arcada are based on equality between the sexes and we are striving for ethical and social diversity. We recognise the equal value of all people and wish to promote equal treatment, stand against all manner of discrimination and xenophobia. Equality at Arcada means creating a good learning environment and workplace, where students and staff experience purpose, joy and community in their work and desire to develop the activities and themselves. 

An organisation as large as Arcada is by law obligated to produce an equality plan. The plan is based on the Law of Equality between women and men (1986/609) and the Non-Discrimination Act (2014/1325). The plan concerns both personnel and students at Arcada. The current plan can be found here.