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About Arcada

A modern and international University of Applied Sciences

About Arcada

In short

Arcada is a multi-professional University of Applied Sciences  in Finland. At our campus in Helsinki (Finland), our 2,700 students and 170 staff work across disciplines to advance culture and knowledge. At Arcada high level research with societal impact meets lifelong learning within all our areas of expertise; Business management and analytics, Energy and materials technology, Health and welfare, Culture and media, and Healthcare. Together with our partners, we are building Nordic bridges to be globally relevant. We create smart solutions for a dynamic working life and a vibrant Swedish-speaking culture.

Arcada was last audited in November 2017 by The Finnish Higher Education Evaluation Council. You can read more about Arcada's Management System here.
Fineccc Audited






Educational Departments


Bachelor Programmes


Master Programmes


Vision & Values


A globally relevant higher education institution based in Helsinki, working at the forefront of change and development.

Through education and research, we create smart solutions for a rewarding and sustainable life.

Operational idea

We are a Swedish-language university of applied sciences for a multicultural Finland


Inclusive and encouraging environment

Respectful and ambitious culture

Humane and agile approach


Future-driven Swedish-language higher education institutione in Helsinki

Nordic cooperation for global relevance

Smart solutions for a dynamic professional life and a vivid Swedish culture

Career support for a rewarding and sustainable life