Affordable temporary accommodation in Helsinki for our new international students

The accommodation situation in Helsinki is really challenging at the moment. The demand for student housing clearly exceeds the current supply, so many students find it difficult to find affordable accommodation.

The situation sometimes is so difficult, that students might arrive in Helsinki with no place to stay at all. In order to avoid this situation, Arcada is (together with other universities in the Helsinki region) collaborating with the Cheap Sleep hostel to provide temporary accommodation for incoming degree students.

By visiting the Cheap Sleep hostel’s website, and on their “Booking” page entering the promotional code “STUDENT” you can book an affordable temporary accommodation. Please be sure to carefully read the information concerning the different types of accommodation, and the terms and condition of the booking. This booking code is primarily intended to be used by international degree students.

Please note, that this accommodation is not intended as a permanent or long-term option, only as a place to sleep until you find a more permanent solution.

Location-wise, the Cheap Sleep hostel is located quite close to Arcada, with public transport the trip is very short, and only about 20 minutes on foot.

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