At Arcada you become a professional with great prospects

Arcada is a multi-professional university of applied sciences (UAS) with campus located in Arabianranta, Helsinki. We offer high quality practice-oriented higher education at both Bachelor’s and Master’s levels as well as further education in Swedish and English within: 

  • Business Administration
  • Sports
  • Media
  • Culture
  • Social- and Health Care
  • Technology

At Arcada you become a professional with great prospects for work life. We want to see our students grow in their professional role and give them the competencies they need for their future work life - we want to take part in moulding and challenging them into the talents of the future. We also educate those who already have entered work life through offering them further education. Arcada co-operates closely with organisations and alumni in order to maintain up-to-date knowledge about the competencies demanded in the industries – now and in the future.

Arcada – a leading UAS within chosen areas of priority

We are proud of our international university, our modern campus and learning environments. Both the study environment and the structure of the studies encourage multi-professionality across fields and a new approach to tasks. In training laboratories and Living Labs students, together with researchers, develop their skills and explore new knowledge. Our students get to use their competence and creativity in finding new solutions.

The multi-professionality means that we support activities, study plans and research initiatives that transcend traditional boundaries between fields. The areas we have chosen to prioritise are the cultural field, functional materials, business development and information analysis, patient safety as well as health promotion and social participation. As our alumni often become entrepreneurs, we have also chosen to actively support entrepreneurship already in the studies and to encourage our students’ business ideas. We strive to be one of the leading universities in the Nordic countries within these chosen fields of priority.

The upholder of Arcada University of Applied Sciences is Högskolan Arcada Ab.

Arcada in a nutshell

  • Practice-oriented education and research
  • 2 700 students from 40 different countries
  • 190 members of staff
  • Innovative and realistic learning environments  
  • Unique possibilities for international exchange studies and work placement abroad
  • Practice- oriented and socially relevant research and innovation activities
  • A modern and unique campus in Arabianranta, Helsinki
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